Lessons Learned

A chance meeting between an ecological artist and an engaged citizen culminated in a transformative venture called The Fargo Project. The Project’s first installation, World Garden Commons at Rabanus Park in Fargo, ND, transforms an existing 18- acre storm water basin into a lively, useful green space while maintaining the basin’s function as storm water storage. The project offers not only an example of transformed urban flood management, but also the creation of an experimental, adaptive process for engaging residents, experts, and administrators in a common planning endeavor.

Through extensive artist-led design and community involvement the project is working to transform the Fargo community’s perception of storm water and to create a new aesthetic of what a natural vegetative urban basin can be. The project also laid the groundwork for the community to continue to explore connections, local expertise, and passions while learning about its diverse cultures and creating an ecological commons.

Integrating Artists & City Planning The Fargo Project

Lessons Learned Workbook

by Rachel Asleson PMP, Anna Cunningham, Mrill Ingram PhD
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Publish Date Nov 25, 2015, 56 Pages, Language English, ISBN Softcover: 9781364733025