10 Sectors, 10 Solutions: Artists and Community Change

10 Sectors, 10 Solutions: Artists and Community Change

October 16, 2018 Community 0
photo credit: Jelena Dakovic

Nationally, The Fargo Project, World Garden Commons in Rabanus Park, Fargo is known for it exemplifies good, ethical practice, and demonstrates the positive impact of arts and culture in environmental work.  Ultimately, World Garden Commons is a transformed stormwater basin from a little-used mowed field to a community gathering place with prairie grasses, flowers, water features, paths and areas for contemplation.

World Garden Commons is featured in an exhibit highlighting 10 projects from across the country that address a local community need and, through a relationship with an artist or arts organization, “empowers residents, artists, and planners to creatively address local challenges and opportunities.”

Running from October 5th to January 1st, 2019 at the Maryland School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation’s Kibel Gallery, the “10 Sectors, 10 Solutions” exhibition highlights 10 creative placemaking projects across the United States (supported by ArtPlaceAmerica) developing human-centered, contextual, and adaptive solutions that can strengthen their communities from within.

This exhibition is organized by ArtPlace America, co-presented with the Kibel Gallery at the University of Maryland and curated by Adam Erickson, ArtPlace America and Ronit Eisenbach, University of Maryland.


Project List

Project Name: Appalachian Artisan Center of Kentucky, Inc.

Organizer Name: Appalachian Artisan Center of Kentucky, Inc.

Location: Hindman, KY

Geographic Context: Rural

Sector: Health

Artistic Discipline(s): Folk & Traditional Arts, Music, Visual Arts

Website: http://www.artisancenter.net/


Project Name: Chiyo’s Garden

Organizer Name: Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

Location: Seattle, WA

Geographic Context: Urban

Sector: Immigration

Artistic Discipline(s): Design & Architecture, Folk & Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Website: http://www.wingluke.org/


Project Name: Detroit Cultivators

Organizer Name: Oakland Avenue Urban Farm

Location: Detroit, MI

Geographic Context: Urban

Sector: Agriculture & Food

Artistic Discipline(s): Multidisciplinary

Website: http://www.oaklandurbanfarm.org/


Project Name: Eden Lives!

Organizer Name: Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League

Location: Hayward, CA

Geographic Context: Urban

Sector: Public Safety

Artistic Discipline(s): Multidisciplinary

Website: http://edennightlive.com/


Project Name: The Fargo Project: World Garden Commons

Organizer Name: City of Fargo

Location: Fargo, ND

Geographic Context: Urban

Sector: Environment & Energy

Artistic Discipline(s): Design & Architecture, Folk & Traditional Arts, Visual Arts, Other

Website: www.thefargoproject.com

photo credit: Jelena Dakovic

photo credit: Jelena Dakovic

Project Name: New Hampshire Ave: This Is a Place To…

Organizer Name: Dance Exchange

Location: Takoma Park, MD

Geographic Context: Suburban

Sector: Transportation

Artistic Discipline(s): Dance, Visual Arts

Website: http://danceexchange.org/


Project Name: Rolling Rez Arts Mobile Unit

Organizer Name: First Peoples Fund

Location: Kyle, SD

Geographic Context: Rural

Sector: Workforce Development

Artistic Discipline(s): Folk & Traditional Arts

Website: http://www.firstpeoplesfund.org/rolling-rez-arts/


Project Name: Sipp Culture

Organizer Name: Mississippi Center for Cultural Production

Location: Utica, MS

Geographic Context: Rural

Sector: Economic Development

Artistic Discipline(s): Film & Media, Other

Website: www.sippculture.com


Project Name: Southwest Folklife Alliance

Organizer Name: Southwest Folklife Alliance

Location: Nogales, AZ

Geographic Context: Rural

Sector: Education & Youth

Artistic Discipline(s): Craft & Culinary Arts, Film & Media, Literature

Website: https://www.southwestfolklife.org/


Project Name: Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling

Organizer Name: Broadway Housing Communities

Location: New York, NY

Geographic Context: Urban

Sector: Housing

Artistic Discipline(s): Design & Architecture, Visual Arts, Other

Website: http://www.sugarhillmuseum.org/

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